Owned and operated by Doug "ShockDoc" Harvey, DHR specializes in motocross and off-road suspension and 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine rebuilding. With 2 factory level mechanics on staff and over 25 years of racing and tuning experience, DHR delivers race-proven performance modifications that WORK. The result is suspension that fits you offering better bike stance, plusher ride, and improved bottoming resistance over stock. Want more fun and better results? Ask The Doc!

Look for our rider support truck at most FTR, motocross, and harescramble events.

Dirt News

Thanks to DestinationBrevard.com for this J-Ro vid.

The DHR WORKS 2.0 suspension system.DHR is pumped to announce the arrival of the WORKS 2.0 next generation off-road suspension package. The feedback so far has been phenomenal.

Customer's are saying their bikes feel smoother, more progressive, and easier to ride over their previous setups. Read more about it in our services section.

We've also began using a new, specially formulated suspension fluid with all our suspension services. The DHR "Plasma" blend is completely different than standard fluids offering noticeably improved suspension characteristics and longer life.

Rear shock bleeder pump.The DHR lab has been recently outfitted with a new rear shock power bleeder. Not only does the tool speed up the bleeding process, it provides 100% air bleed-out which is critical for the best shock performance.

The machine works by high pressure vacuum, which quickly draws the air out of the shock while simultaneously filling the shock with oil. The result is a pure oil fill for perfect dampening performance.

This machine was custom made to DHR specifications and is a key service that sets DHR suspensions apart from the pack.

Ross is #1Jacqueline Ross has won the 2008 Women's Canadian Motocross National title aboard her DHR suspended KTM 144 2-stroke! Yes, 2-stroke! Check out her website to learn more about her awesome win.

ShockDoc's Suspension Guide DVD #1

“Shockdoc’s Guide To Basic Suspension Setup” DVD is now available. Learn the in's and out's of off-road suspension setup to get your bike ready for the track or trail. Learn the secrets and techniques developed from over 2 decades of experience working with today's top riders.

This DVD will provide you with a thorough understanding of how your suspension works, how to balance your bike, as well as tips that will help you keep your suspension working top notch.

$19.95 Each + $6.95 SH

Tip of the Month

Easy Rear Shock Removal

Putting the subframe back on after shock service can be a PIA, especially when trying to get the carb boot back on the back of the carb.

Here's a tip... Instead of popping the boot off the carb, just remove the muffler and the subframe mounting bolts. With the mounting bolts loose, you can pull the subframe over to the left just enough to open a clean path for pulling the shock out. This will work on most 4-stroke and electric start bikes.

If this looks like the case on your bike, loosen the shock bolts and move the subframe over to the left a little and pull the shock out the right side without taking the air boot off the carb.

This saves a lot of time and grief.

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